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Your Digital Marketing Questions Answered

Q 1. There are so many marketing companies out there, what makes you different?
Bullzeri was founded to help our clients get better results online. We have the expertise but what truly makes our service different is the effort and care we put into each project. We treat it as if it’s our own business and we do what will get the best result for you.
Each client is different – whether you want to be involved in the process or have our team work to get results, we work around your goals, budget, and communication preferences.
Q 2. Can we call you?
Call any time, we are here to help. You are welcome to communicate via phone call, text, or email, whatever is best for you, but often calls are the easiest way to work through the complexities and questions that may arise.
Q 3. Do you have online reviews?
Absolutely, we encourage our clients to share what the experience has been like working together. You can view our reviews on our Google Business Profile, by clicking here.
Q 4. How do I know you are doing a good job?
We operate with transparency – we provide full reporting on our campaigns and results and strategize together to continue to make refinements and improvements month after month.
We believe in the Japanese phrase Kaizen where we get better every day and continually seek improvement – from ourselves and our campaigns. Our results are measurable and data-driven.
Q 5. What’s a good starting marketing budget?
This depends on the competition, the revenue of the services offered, and your goals. Book a free strategy session and we’ll help you determine an appropriate starting budget.
Q 6. What industries do you work with?
We work with professional practices across many different industries including:
Medical – Medical spas, weight loss clinics, chiropractors, dentists, doctors, healers
Construction – Designers/Builders, Deck and Fence builders, General Contractors, Painters, Luxury Designers
Real Estate – Real Estate Agents and teams
Consultation – Business and financial consultants including health club consultants, financial consultants, aircraft brokers, and consultants
Finance Professionals – Investment Managers, Accountants, Medical Billing Services
Legal – Attorneys: Criminal defense lawyers, personal injury attorneys, patent and trademark attorneys
E-commerce – Any business that sells products, services, or software through their website
Advertising and Design Agencies – Home design, product design and more.
We love learning new industries and have a process to learn what the competition is doing online so we can adapt and compete.
Q 7. I’ve done SEO and Paid Search and haven’t got results, how are you different?
These forms of marketing are not right for every business under the sun – you need to have the margins, and demand to support it. But so many companies do not manage these campaigns correctly – we’ve taken over campaigns that have not had the basic optimizations completed.
We’ll audit your existing campaigns and accounts to make an informed recommendation on the next steps and if these strategies can be viable.
Schedule your complimentary strategy session, click here.
Q 8. Do you work with brand-new businesses?
Yes, we love helping businesses launch their online marketing correctly from the start. We work around your budget and can scale up once your business gains traction.
Q 9. For marketing campaigns, how often do we check in?
We typically meet once per month to review campaigns, but we may need to check in more often, especially as we dial in campaigns in the beginning. You are also welcome to call at any time with questions.
Q 10. Do you do all your work in-house?
Yes, our work is done in-house with our team that has been working together for many years. We have an in-house team of developers, designers, paid search managers, and SEO analysts.
When needed, we have relationships with expert contractors who offer services that we do not provide in-house.
Q 11. Do you have different teams for each service?
Absolutely. Digital marketing has similarities with medicine. Each area of marketing has nuances and we employ experts in each area. Our SEO team only works on SEO. Our paid team only works with paid search, ect. We collaborate across teams but focus on our crafts to get your business the best results.
Q 12. Do you offer continued support for websites?
Absolutely, we are not that easy to get rid of 🙂 We are here for the long haul, to support your business as it grows. We offer website hosting and maintenance so your website continues to run efficiently and you can focus on your customers. We also offer paid advertising, SEO, and other marketing services. We will be the last digital marketing partner you need.
Q 13. I am busy and want my website done correctly in a timely manner. Can you take care of the entire process?
Yes, we offer comprehensive services including copywriting, image curation, design, and development. We work with busy professionals who do not have the time or staff to be involved in the intricate details of the website creation process. We will do the heavy lift and move the project along. We work quickly to produce the first draft and get your quick and direct feedback to match your vision and get results with a minimal amount of your time.
Q 14. My website isn’t appearing on search engines, what do I do?
There can be several reasons your site is not ranking. We recommend starting with a website audit. The first step is to schedule your complimentary strategy session, click here.
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